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The Future of Dentures and Partials Today


We're moving into the future and we'd like you to come with us. Most patients in need of this restoration have waited 6-8 weeks to continue an ideal healthy life. Well, the wait is finally over. Working with dental professionals over the years has enhanced our ability to improve and develop the production of a perfect fitting restoration with a much higher precision that we are proud to call NEXTGEN Dentures. Our full arch dentures can be delivered after just one appointment delivering a final product with the fastest turnaround time in the industry! With our new state-of-the-art design and techniques, we've decreased time and costs, improved efficiency and durability, and deliver satisfaction guaranteed.

What are NEXTGEN Dentures


Seven Hills Solutions is re-imagining digital dentistry with our game-changing, 3D NEXTGEN Dentures. Our process is fully digital and it produces a perfectly fitting dental restoration in a fraction of the time compared to old conventional methods and with a precise fit the first time around.

Custom Designed

NEXTGEN Dentures are custom made with 3D printing technology allowing for a precise design, matching every unique mouth and oral topography for each individual.

Delivery Time

Gone are the days of waiting weeks on end for your dentures to arrive. With NEXTGEN, you can receive your dentures within a couple days,  guaranteed!

Easy Adjustments

It's normal for changes to arise with age. Long term denture wear may cause aches and pain periodically. Don’t let that stop you from achieving your new smile. Let's  work together in adjusting your denture to fit your needs.

Benefits of NEXTGEN Dentures

Our Reviews

Dr Arian

Working with the TruZir team was awesome, from their extensive knowledge of implants, and the digital workflow that was very simple. We were able to get the results we desired and the patients are highly satisfied with the teeth.

Dr Vernon 

We received the Dentures in 3 days as promised. The teeth look great and the quality is outstanding. We delivered to the patient with no adjustments needed. The training went smoothly, and our team is happy with Nextgen.

Angie, 56

My teeth were ruined from chemotherapy treatment and my smile was hidden for years. The consultation went splendidly. It was a great team environment and everyone was so helpful and caring! I'm so thankful for NextGen Dentures. I have my smile back!!!

Why choose NEXTGEN Dentures

Industry Standards

Here at Seven Hills Solutions, we're constantly setting the industry standards with new technology. NEXTGEN Dentures are just one of our many great products offered.

Cosmetic Appeal

NEXTGEN Dentures check every box for a life-like aesthetic appeal. Each tooth is selected with a digital library of premium options from the shades of teeth and base, to the size and proportion of teeth. These details add the finishing touches for a perfectly natural look.

Precision at its Finest

Our unique process will accurately capture all crevices and individual curves in your mouth. Hundreds of data points are sent to an advanced computer aided 3D printing system to create a precisely designed denture that fits more accurately than any traditional method.  


Our dentures are built to withstand high stress mastication making them a highly durabile choice. Daily activities can naturally put a lot of continuous force on dentures and our team understands the importance of a long lasting product. Our materials are customized to withstand these normal forces.

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