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Get Started with NEXTGEN Dentures

Tell us more about you

Thanks for your submission! Please note: a dental license will be verified to ensure proper credentials are met for the in-person training session.

Quick Tips and Resources

FAQs for Patients

We understand your patients may have questions about this evolving technology so we provide a quick guide to assist and help navigate them to answers they may need. This may be ordered as a table top display poster for your practice as well. 

Lab Fee Schedule

NEXTGEN Teeth current fees are available online at .  

See a copy of your fee schedule below.


Now you are ready to schedule your in-person training! 

Please note: if you are not equipped with a 3D Scanner, an impression and pour-up is accepted to process a NEXTGEN Denture. If this is your method, an in-person training session would not be necessary. 

Schedule In-person Training

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