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Lab Rx Order Form

Due date for Nextgen Dentures will automatically default to 3 working days and may be delivered next day. Same day delivery must be requested and submitted by 11 AM.


Your scans can be submitted online through your dent-cad software. Once you have uploaded your case and payment is received using the form below, your case will be fully submitted.


It is recommended that a patient has achieved an impression-ready state when scheduling the scan for the Nextgen Dentures or Partial Dentures.

Replacement Nextgen Denture Conditions

Nextgen Dentures or Partials that break within 12 months of delivery date due to mechanical error will be eligible for duplicate replacement at no charge. The new denture will be provided from the scan submitted in initial order. Warranty does not cover a denture or partial ill-fitting due to a patient who has received treatment that alters the mouth or the fit away from the original scan acquired after initial delivery. (Ex. Bone graft, Bone filling, Bone smoothing, Alveoloplasty, extractions after delivery, soft tissue surgery, or other)

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Nextgen Full Upper or Full Lower Denture 

Nextgen Single Arch

SKU: 364215376135191
  • You can receive the finished denture when tomorrow, when you order by 11am PST 

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